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Painting. Expulsion of the Cathars

The Cathars – Heretics or Martyrs?

Catharism… This new religion scared the Church and was used as a pretext by the King of France to establish his authority. But what was this religion preaching to unite and divide so many...

Popular French Christmas Songs

Popular French Christmas Songs

This recording includes all the most popular French Christmas Songs, such as “Il est né, le divin enfant” (He is born, the Divine Child), “Mon beau sapin”(O Christmas Tree) and “Petit Papa Noël” (Dear...

French Christmas songs

French Christmas Songs by Tino Rossi

Tino Rossi is the most famous singer of traditional French Christmas songs.His recording features the popular songs:“Minuit Chretien” (O Holy Night),“Petit Papa Noël” (Dear Santa) – the kids’ favorite Christmas song ^^These French Christmas...

Logo Le Tour de France

Le Tour de France

You’ve heard of the Tour de France, maybe watched it a few times, but do you know how much money is involved in making it happen? Do you think the Tour is as popular...