About French Possum

Bonjour and welcome to my blog, “French Possum”

On this blog, I share videos about topics related to the French culture, which cover traditions, history, current affairs, gastronomy or famous French work of arts and place. All videos are in French with English subtitles, and I provide a transcript in both languages.

The idea behind “French Possum” came when I noticed that a lot of people had a strong interest in the French culture but did not know where to get up-to-date and regular information. My goal is to make the French culture accessible to a maximum of people with an interest, hence the English subtitles and bilingual transcripts available for all the videos.

About me

If you haven’t heard me in a video yet, I confirm that yes, I’m French, although I’ve lived abroad half of my life. I love travelling, learning new languages and meeting new cultures. Currently, I live in Melbourne, Australia, where I also write fiction in French (under the pen name L.Shena) and articles about organic and DIY beauty in English (on my blog Mademoiselle Organic).

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I hope you enjoy reading my articles and watching the videos.

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