Popular French Christmas Songs

Popular French Christmas Songs

This recording includes all the most popular French Christmas Songs, such as “Il est né, le divin enfant” (He is born, the Divine Child), “Mon beau sapin”(O Christmas Tree) and “Petit Papa Noël” (Dear Santa).

This CD is mentioned in my video: How to organize a French Christmas

List of tracks:

  1. Le petit Noel - Yvette Et Jackman
  2. Petit Papa Noel - Tino Rossi
  3. La marche des Rois - Renee Viala
  4. Noel Macabre - Louis Lynel
  5. Bonhomme Noel - Berthe Sylva
  6. Noel de mer - Tino Rossi
  7. Tyrolienne de Noel - Andre Any
  8. Noel - Renee Viala
  9. Noel des petits santons - Alibert
  10. Noel - Georges Thill
  11. Le voyage a Bethlehem - Yvette Guilbert
  12. Vent d'oousi - Tino Rossi
  13. Le petit Noel - Charles Trenet & Johnny Hess
  14. Le Noel de Becassine - Michel Moreau
  15. Voici Noel, o douce nuit - Jean Planel
  16. Voici les santons - Jean Lumiere
  17. Mon beau sapin - Jean Planel
  18. Il est ne le divin enfant - Jean Lumiere

Format: CD

Transparency statement - please note: I have not listened to this full recording yet so my advice is based on Amazon's reviews and on personal research . When researching Valentine's Day gift ideas, I spent a lot of time carefully looking for French music that could be of interest to French enthusiasts and this recording  really grabbed my attention - this is why I chose to recommend it.

How to organize a French Christmas

For transcripts and more Christmas links (recipes, santons etc.) check out: How to organize a French Christmas


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