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French Possum is a French/English bilingual blog dedicated to making the French culture accessible to a large number of viewers. All the content on the blog is free and a few people have asked me how they could support the project so here are a few things you can do if you love the blog too:

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It’s as easy as sharing the content you like on social media, via email or telling your best friend about the blog. If you teach French, please use the videos in class and share links to this blog with your students.

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You have probably noticed that on posts that are about a movie, book or song, there is a link to the Amazon website where you can purchase the product. If you buy via this link, I receive a very small commission. In saying that, it’s important I mention that I only -ever- promote products that are favorites of mine. I’ll never talk on the blog of a movie or a book that I don’t think sincerely you will enjoy.

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