Learn French with TakeLessons

Learn French with TakeLessons

About TakeLessons

TakeLesson is a great online resource for those learning new languages (French for instance^^), studying music or passing exams.  They offer tons of free resources online, Youtube video tutorials and very useful tips.

They also offer online group lessons and  private tutoring in French in person or online, which I find great as it means students have a large choice of tutors available and can learn at a convenient time. Unfortunately at this stage, lessons are only available in the US.

For more information about TakeLesson, click here.

The French Possum Review

I discovered TakeLessons on Twitter and really loved their approach to learning. When they contacted me to write a guest post for their blog, I was delighted to connect with them and chat more about all the tools they offer to help students learn French and discover the unique French culture.

Online Blog

The blog’s articles and guides cover:

  • French grammar
  • French vocabulary
  • French conversation tips
  • French culture

Every week, new posts are published on the blog. Articles are short and to the point, perfect for a quick and very interesting read. I really like their editorial style: it’s engaging and pleasant. Some articles also feature funny animated gifs which illustrate the different key points covered in the text.

If you visit their blog, don’t forget to check out my guest post: 15 Funny French Phrases That’ll Make You Giggle  

Private Tutoring Platform

When doing this review, I also checked their private tutoring platform where:

  • Students can ask questions to teachers before booking a lesson to make sure they are right for them
  • Students can book local teachers for an in-studio lesson (at home or at the teacher’s place) or book an online lesson (which they can record on their computer as well)

In terms of prices, there’s a wide range of options. In New York, private online lessons start at $20 for 60 minutes and local lessons at $30 for the same duration. All teachers have a detailed profile page that includes reviews, past experience and affiliations.

TakeLesson don’t offer free trial lessons but if students are not satisfied with their lessons, they help them find a new teacher or refund any future unused lesson credits, no questions asked.

In summary, I highly recommend the TakeLesson blog. And if you are in the US looking for some private tutoring, do check out their listing of teachers. With so many profiles, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect match for your learning style.

What do you think? Have you tried TakeLessons before?


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