Learn French online with Rocket Languages

Learn French with Rocket Languages

Learn French with Rocket Languages

About the Rocket Languages online French course

Rocket Languages produces award-winning online language learning courses for users from all around the world. They are based in Christchurch, New Zealand (not so far from where I live) and their mission is to let ordinary people truly master a new language anywhere they want to learn and at any time they wish to do it. They offer a free test of their online French course (rated 4.5 out of 5 stars - around 1,700 reviews).

Their French online course includes:

  • 25-minute audio conversations with full transcripts
  • accessible from computer, tablet or smartphone
  • language and culture lessons
  • a testing algorithm that re-displays words and phrases that you have had trouble memorizing so you remember them more easily
  • a voice recognition tool so you can practice French pronunciation
  • advanced learning technique articles with tips to learn faster
  • unlimited 24/7 lifetime online access to a team of teachers and French enthusiasts

For more information about their course, please Click Here!

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The French Possum review

I took advantage of the free test they offer and tried the first lesson.

I think it's great that the audio conversations are not too long and that the tutors really encourage students to interact and repeat French words. One of the hosts is French, the other has a slight British accent which may help non-French speakers understand the words better.

I really like the voice recognition program as it encourages students to speak the words. One thing I didn't like however was that, of course because it's an online program, they expect you to use the vocabulary studied during the lesson and not other words which may mean the same things - for instance saying "bonjour" instead of "salut" (both meaning "Hi"). However, also because it's all online, I really like the flexibility to be able to study at any convenient time (during lunch breaks, while exercising, in the car...)

What do you think? Have you tried this course before?

Learn French with Rocket Languages


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