Jacques Brel’s Best Songs – Infiniment

Jacques Brel portrait

Jacques Brel simply wrote some of the most beautiful - ever- French songs. Along with the poetry of its lyrics and beautiful melodies, his interpretations remain famous: he was a singer of the heart, crying, shouting, living on stage.... A monument.

This recording features some of his best songs, with English translations and English/French song titles. Audio CD and mp3 versions are available. The recording also includes two of the most romantic French songs:  “Ne me quitte pas” (Do not leave me) and “If we only have love” (Quand on n’a que l’amour), which you can hear me sing in the below video ^^

Transparency statement: I recommend this artist because I sincerely believe you'll enjoy listening to his amazing songs and this is the best recording I could find on Amazon.

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