French Love Poems – English and Bilingual editions

French love poems

These two books feature some of the best-known French Love Poems.

Classic French love poems (in English) contains 77 love poems from 48 French poets. Encompassing more than six centuries, the works range from No Marvel Is It by Bernhard de Ventadour to a complete translation of Toi et Moi by Paul Geraldy. Other poets represented include Victor Hugo, Louise Labe, Marie de France, Charles d'Orleans, Alexandre Dumas, Guy de Maupassant, Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine.

Treasury of French Love Poems: Volume 2 (in French and English) features love poems by classic French poets and authors such as Francois Villon, Louise Labe, George Sand, Charles Baudelaire, Paul Eluard, Jacques Prevert, and Philippe Jaccottet.

These poems have been mentioned in my video on Valentine's Day (see below).

Transparency statement - please note: I have not read these books yet so my advice is based on Amazon's reviews and on personal research . When researching Valentine's Day gift ideas, I spent a lot of time carefully looking for books that could be of interest to French enthusiasts and these two collections of French poems  really grabbed my attention - this is why I chose to recommend them. 

How to Organize a Romantic Valentine's Day like in France

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