Who is Marianne of France?


Marianne of France is a national symbol of the French Republic, a woman who represents “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity” and even inspired the original sketches of the Statue of Liberty and many more artistic works. Watch the video and find out about her story and influence in the recent French History.

List of symbols as mentioned in the video:

  • The Phrygian Cap: Freedom
  • The crown: Authority
  • The naked breast: Emancipation
  • The body armor: Invincibility
  • The lion: Bravery and the People’s strength
  • The star: Cleverness
  • The triangle: Equality
  • The broken chains: Freedom
  • The crossed hands: Fraternity
  • The fasces: The State’s Authority
  • The scale: Justice
  • The bee hive: Work
  • The Tables of the Law: the Law


Marianne of FranceTranscripts coming soon… If you are interested in the topic, drop me a comment and I’ll upload them as soon as possible 😉

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